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Want to save your trees?


Two Striped



Grasshoppers do not typically fly into trees, they crawl up the trunk so stop them in their tracks:

1. CARPET TAPE.  A single strip of double stick carpet tape around the trunk will catch a great many grasshoppers.

2. TANGLE FOOT.  This product is applied with a caulk gun and creates an amazingly sticky surface.  Many use this to deter swallows that build mud nests.  Put a circle of this around your tree.  To make clean up easier put a circle of duct tape on the tree and then apply the Tangle Foot.

3.  TREAT THE TREE TRUNK.  I found some good information and advice on the Bosque County Agrilife web page:

“Some insecticides for controlling grasshoppers in the home landscape include: Cyfluthrin, the active ingredient in Bayer Advanced Home and Garden Spray and Tempo; Bifenthrin, the active ingredient in Ortho Ready-to-Use Houseplant and Garden Insect Killer; Permethrin, the active ingredient in Spectracide and other products; and Acephate, the active ingredient in Orthene. Note: Tempo (cyfluthrin) and Demon (cypermethrin) are labeled for use by Professional Pest Control Operators for insect control in lawns and landscapes. It is important that you remember to read and follow all label directions.”

Carpet Tape         $6.49

Bayer Complete (imidacloprid & cyfluthrin)      $16.99

Demon WP (cypermethrin)          $12.99

Tangle Foot                $8.49

Ortho BugBGone (Bifenthrin & Cypermethrin) $14.99

Bengal Lawn & Garden (Esfenvalerate)       $11.99

Bayer Home Pest (Cyfluthrin)         $14.99

Orthene (Acephate)            $14.99


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